Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

We received this photo challenge shortly before winter break if I can remember correctly. For this challenge I decided to look around me for ideas. I was thinking about the idea of using an everyday object for my challenge photos. I then remembered that a few weeks ago I had purchased an odd light and that it might make a great photo for this challenge.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Triangle

At the time of recieving this challenge I had no previous knowledge of the rule. So I went home and reasearched the golden triangle. After finding out what the golden triangle was I began photographing. This challenge made me look at the subject in a new and different way. I chose to exhibit my images in black&white because I really believe that photographs look better in black&white, they seem sharper and they leave your brain to imagine what it looks like in reality.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

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This weeks photo challenge was abstract. I personally wanted the challenge to be abstract because it allows you to be creative and in a way do what you want. The word abstract can mean many different things to many different people. From the photo of my friends odd clay creation to  disconfigured concrete the word abstract can be anything you want it to be.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

This photo challenge was given to us during a time in which eerie or scary things could be easily be found. I enjoyed this challenge because it let you think outside of the box and enjoy yourself. I think that photograph with the skeleton-like mask and the odd lighting really captured the essence of the challenge. The only thing that was edited about the image was the sharpness. The challenge helped me to open up my eye to the more strange and odd things in the world.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Extraordinary

The reason I chose these three pictures was because they were everyday objects or actions that could be over looked. The photograph of the fence for example is something you see everyday but don’t think much about. There is something that made the picture interesting which would be the dying plants. When I was assigned this project I started looking for ordinary things that could be turned into an interesting subject.IMG_1208 IMG_1046 IMG_1220

Steal Like An Artist Review


For the past couple of classes we read a book titled “Steal Like An Artist”. This book gave me a new perception on the way I think about art in general. Austin Kleon says there are many diffrent ways to steal art. Keep a journal so that you can write down your thoughts. He pushes the boundaries and makes you think more about the subject. This was a great book to read.